Cure Athlete Foot – And Let Your Feet Feel Free

Just as fungus lives on the bark and wood of dead tree, so certain types of fungus may also live on the surface of skin especially in the most areas of the body. In certain types of illness, such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis fungus may attack living tissues. However, this does not occur in healthy people. Fungus is found in a wide variety of forms causing many different conditions, so how do we cure athele foot?

Athlete’s foot is a form of ringworms of the feet. It is particularly common in warmer climates, and in those whose feet are constantly wet because of excessive sweating. When the disease is present over long periods of time, the toenails may become thickened.

The athletes foot fungus is the same fungus that causes onychomycosis, or toenail fungal infections. In reality, there is not just one fungus that can do this, though a couple of species account for most infections. A group of fungi, collectively known as dermatophytes, cause fungal infection of the hair, nails, and skin.

To assist to cure athele foot, bathe the feet thoroughly twice daily, dry them well, and rub away the loosened dead skin. Next, apply a suitable dusting powder containing zinc stearate or a powder containing a mixture of equal parts of zinc oxide, zinc stearate, and talcum powder. Wear light, airy shoes, especially during warm weather. Many patients benefit by going barefoot. For more severe infections, use hot foot soaks of potassium permanganate solution. Whitfield’s ointment applied daily has proved effective, especially for infection between the toes.

The athlete’s foot fungus will probably clear up much faster than the nail infection because the skin infection is superficial and the treatment easily contacts the fungus there. To get rid of both types of foot fungus, however, you will have to keep up the treatment until the nails look good as well. Nail fungal infections are notorious for the length of time they take to resolve. If your athlete’s foot fungus is gone and there is any sign of improvement in the nails, the treatment is working. Keep it up and you will eventually succeed in your mission to cure athele foot.

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