Three Tips For Getting Rid of Bunions

If you have them, you probably know you have them. Bunions. They’re sometimes painful, usually pretty obvious to most people looking at your feet and not very fun. And they are, unfortunately, pretty common in most people – both men and women.

While it may be next to impossible to discover why you have bunions because the reasons for them forming are varied, there are ways to help reduce both the pain level and the unsightly bump that is on the side of your foot by your big toe.

Here are three quick ways to help with your bunions:

  1. Stretch. Several times a day remove your shoes (this is key as the toe box of most shoes is much to narrow for most feet). Even better, take off your socks too. Now stretch your toes apart from each other. Sometimes it helps to stretch your hands at the same time (it’s a mental thing). Stretch and hold for as long as you can. Stop, walk around a bit and then do it again.
  2. Massage. With one hand, gently (very gently) pull your big toe to the side and with the other hand massage the top of your foot in between that toe and the next one focusing on the space on your foot from the base of your toes to about the middle of your foot. Use a gentle long stroke. Sometimes it helps to use some coconut or olive oil to assist in getting a nice massage without pulling on the skin.
  3. Hold hands with your feet. After your shower or bath, sit cross-legged on the floor and lace your fingers in between your toes on each foot as if you’re holding hands with your foot. Do this as often as possible. If it starts to get uncomfortable, release the hold, walk around a bit and then do it again. Build up the length of time each time you do this and it soon won’t be uncomfortable at all.

And, as a bonus tip, take some time to evaluate your shoe closet. Look at how many of your shoes have narrow toe boxes. This conditions that big toe to stay pushed toward your other toes… eventually helping to form a bunion. That’s not good. Consider getting a different style of shoe the next time you’re out shoe shopping.

There are many other things you can do to help if you have bunions but these three tips should be a great start to bunion relief.

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